Junior Girls Organiser & Committee

Junior Organiser

Mrs Karen Fellows

Tel No 01947 602418

Mobile 07854212908

Email contact can be made via our contact form under YLCGA

Assistant Junior Organiser

Mrs Barbara Taylor

County Governance Officer

If you have any concerns regarding welfare or safeguarding please ontact by using our contact form under YLCGA

Mrs Dawn Clegg

Junior Committee

Mrs Barbara Taylor (Assistant Junior Organiser) 01377 256193

Mrs Dawn Clegg (County Governance Officer) 019040761987

Mrs Ann McMullan (Yorkshire President) 01937 841305

Mrs Alison Tracey (Yorkshire Vice Captain) 01937 918968

Mrs Libby Lennox (County Treasurer) 01347 868181

Mrs Lesly Ford(County Secretary) 01845 501069

Mrs Brenda Parker(Alison Nicholas fund) 01422 369677

Mrs Lesley Mather Junior Training Officer) 01653 694745

Junior Training team

Barbara Taylor(ACJO)
Karen Fellows(CJO)
Karen Jones(Assistant team manager)
Lesley Mather(Training officer)
Email contact for junior training matters can be made via our contact form under YLCGA

Team manager

Jo Pease Junior team manager

Contact for Junior Team management via our Contact form under YLCGA

Beginners Young Organiser

Vicky Holden

Contact for Beginners Young Organiser via our contacts form under YLCGA
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